The Steller's Jay and the Hawk

scene one: jay vs peanut

I threw some peanuts out on the porch this morning. Sometimes squirrels eat them, sometimes Steller's jays. This time, a jay was scarfing them up.

scene two: hawk vs jay, peanut escapes

Suddenly, a hawk swooped down. The jay made a panicked run for it, hit the ground, lost one of his peanuts in the fray.

scene three: hawk vs jay, the race is on.

It was a close chase for a moment.

scene four: the jay breaks away.

Life goes on, this time.

scene five: the hawk circles, looking for his next target.

Ask not for whom the hawk hunts, he hunts for thee.

Hawk Anatomy 101

Here is a hawk eye

Here is a hawk eye with its nictitating membrane cover. He can blink without ever taking his eye off you.

Business end of the leg.

On duty.