Japanese Flashcards

You can use this Japanese flashcard program to help learn vocabulary. The default flashcards are vocabulary from my Japan 101 class. But, you can download the program to your computer or Pocket PC and create your own flashcard list.

If you want to see a demo of the tool, click the Show Demo button.

Downloading and Using the Japanese Flashcards on your Computer or Pocket PC

You can download the files for the Japanese Flashcard program to your local machine and edit the XML source files.

Downloading the Japanese Flashcard Files

Right-click on the link -- japaneseFlashcards.zip -- and save the zip file to your hard drive. The .zip contains these files:

  • japaneseFlashcards.htm:  the file to open in your internet browser.
  • japaneseFlashcards.swf:  the Flash file that displays the flashcards.
  • vocab.xml:  the default file of vocabulary items. The .swf file reads this file when you open the html page.
  • new.xml:  an additional file with vocabulary items.
  • travel.xml:  an additional file with vocabulary items.

Extract the files from the zip file to a location on your computer and open japaneseFlashcards.htm in your browser. If you have the flash player installed on your Pocket PC, you can download this .swf and run it on your Pocket PC. Open the htm file in Pocket Internet Explorer.

Creating Your Own Flashcards

The data for the flashcard program come from XML files. Make sure you have an XML file named vocab.xml in the same directory as japaneseFlashcards.swf. To create your own flashcards, just create your own xml files with this structure.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<vocabulary name="Japanese Vocab">

Change the name attribute of the <vocabulary> element to whatever you want. Obviously, you can have as many <item> elements as you like in the file.


Works for me, and has basic error checking built in for invalid or unformed XML files, but no guarantees or support.

Comments or suggestions? rodney@rodneyhill.net