Summer 2004 & 2005. Squirrels.

Healthy Squirrels

  • feedingFrenzy.wmv (2.33MB) The way to tell which squirrels are members of the squirrel herd, and which are wild, is to open the bedroom window. Squirrels in the herd quickly congregate in the hopes of getting a peanut chucked their way.
  • eatingPeanuts_small.wmv (1.56MB) I've put out bread crumbs, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, corn, but by far the favorite of the squirrel gourmands is peanuts.
  • littleGuys.wmv (1.3MB) Adult squirrels that are not mating or fighting never get too close to one another. Two little siblings, though, huddle together while they eat pumpkin seeds. A few weeks later, one of them is caught squirreling a seed away.
  • skittish.wmv (380KB) Young squirrels are also very skittish. This one thought he heard something.

Sick Squirrel

  • madSquirrel.wmv. (4.85MB) 2nd worse case I've seen in the backyard. The first worst was "Lefty" and before searching for a more appropriate diagnosis, I called the disease "Lefty's Disease." Lefty was always falling over on his left side, running to the left -- generally leaning left politically, too, I guess. He disappeared after about a week in the yard. The guy in this clip has been in this state for a couple of weeks. He leans to the right.