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Polygon model created in Maya.

Update History

(3/31/2016): Added a grade calculator in javascript.

(9/19/2015): Added animation reel above.

(11/28/2014): New time-lapse bloom in videoClips.

(4/13/2014): New animation in the Maya section.

(6/16/2013): New animation in the Maya section.

(7/4/2012): Small utility to generate MEL Script for a dialog that sets beginning and ending frames in the time slider. And the storyboard for Wizardry School Prank #15.

(6/14/2012): Pics from a trip to Turkey.

(5/26/2011): Added a new Maya animation: Wizardry School Prank # 15 -- in Maya section.

(6/19/2010): Chinese flashcards, created, appropriately, in Flash CS4 -- ChineseFlash.

(4/27/2010): And another cactus clip to videoClips.

(3/26/2010): Added a couple cactus bloom clips to videoClips.

(1/31/2010): Click the crow in the upper left hand corner of the page.

(9/2/2009): Pictures from a trip to Ireland

(3/21/2009): Added a new Flash .flv viewer for videos videoClips

(3/8/2009): Added a new Flash .flv viewer for the animations in Maya

(10/26/2008) Added a Flash animation: When the Red, Red Robin

(8/19/2008) Bird drama in the backyard: hawkNjay.asp

(8/16/2008) Some pictures from a trip to the Olympic Peninsula

(8/3/2008): Two new short Maya animations in Maya: "Skateboard" and "Have A Seat".

(6/14/2008): "Got My Garden Tilled!" 13 second Maya animation in Maya.

(4/29/2008): Taipei and Hong Kong trip pictures.

(4/8/2008): Birds. A few pictures of birds in the backyard.

(11/21/2007): Nature Film of the Day. Nov 2007. A collection of small nature-themed videos.

(7/29/2007): Blinking Crow. Probably a friend of the one in the upper left corner of the page.   Also added a day in the life of our backyard: June26.wmv (7 MB).

(7/24/2007): For all lovers of and beginning learners of the Japanese language: 2 updates. (1)japaneseFlashcards.htm -- A vocabulary flashcard program. The default terms are from my Japan 101 class, but you can download the files and create your own flashcards. (2) An update to the kana learning tool: Kana.htm.

(6/7/2007): Japan pics -- Pictures from May 2007 trip to Japan. While in Osaka, one of Eli's students let me take a video of his juggling. See TJ.htm

(9/6/2006): Kana -- a tool to help you learn to write and recognize hiragana and katakana -- in Flash (Also updated the stopwatch there, added link to download the swf file).

(7/26/2006): Links to current and cumulative weather data, fresh from the Vantage PRO 2 weather station in the back yard -- in Random Projects.

(4/6/2006): barnyard -- in Maya. A camera fly-through of a rural scene.

(10/22/2005): coon.asp -- in Random Projects. Rocky Raccoon.

(10/05/2005): jays.asp -- in Random Projects.Some video clips of steller's jays catching peanuts in mid-air.

(8/31/2005): BreakfastWorms.wmv. (487KB) A robin couple made their nest under the deck out back. This small video was taken in early June, 2005. -- in Random Projects.

(8/7/2005): Squirrels.asp -- in Random Projects.

(8/5/2005): Snakes -- in maya.asp: homework from Anim 294 (Maya Dynamics).

(7/18/2005): ratFountain maya.asp: homework from Anim 294 (Maya Dynamics).

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